Real Projects

Here are just a few of the Custom Cribbage Boards that we created using patterns that we designed. Some of these were created specifically for an order. We no longer build custom cribbage boards but we are showing off our work in hopes it may inspire you to create your own unique custom cribbage boards.

The Baseball Diamond pattern is one of our personal favorites. This is also one of the best selling designs as well. You can get very creative with this design, use contrasting woods for the bases and pitchers mound. We made the pitchers mound swivel and put the pegs under it. This custom order also the name cut out on a scroll saw on glued on to the field.

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Baseball Diamond Cribbage Board

The Football Helmet design was a design created just because I am fan of football. This design is also one of the more popular designs. This can be customized with routering a players jersey number or their initials in the board.

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Personalized initial designs are probably the most popular designs so that initials of the designs are the person's initials. These are very popular as gifts, the RP design was the first personalized initials designs we were asked to created. This particular design oddly enough has been used several times for different boards.

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This is another version of personalized initial designs so that design is just the first letter of the persons name. These are also very popular as gifts, the B design was the first personalized initials designs we were asked to created with a single letter. We have since created a single letter design for each letter of the alphabet.

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B Initials Cribbage Board

This board is one that I designed for my wife as a birthday present. It is supposed to be a barn with a fence around the barn. It has a door that opens and closes, two windows and a loft up top that raises and lowers. This one I had fun with being as creative as I wanted to be.

This is another board I designed as a Christmas gift for a relative. He has his own appliance repair business, so this is supposed to be a stove. The over door opens a closes with enough room a deck of cards and the pegs and a magnetic latch to keep it closed. This is another board that I had fun with and was able to be as creative as I wanted to be.

Stove Cribbage Board

This style of Cribbage board is also very popular, where there is a base and the Cribbage board is the top for the base. We added boxes inside the base for a deck of cards the another box for the pegs. The lid for the box slide open and closed. The board can be either face up if you are playing a game or face down if it is not being used.

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Here is another custom board we created that was for a couple to celebrate the marriage anniversary. This was a combination of intarsia and a Cribbage board. The heart opens to hold the cards and pegs. It also had their names scroll sawed out and put on the cover of the heart.

Another couple of boards where we combined scroll saw work and a Cribbage board. These are box where the Cribbage board is on one side of the lid and a scroll sawn pattern is on the other side of the lid. The boxes are plenty big enough to hold cards and pegs. These were trophies for yearly Cribbage tournaments.

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This a Cribbage bench we were asked to create. This is a heavy duty bench made to sit on when not being used. The holes are 1/4" and we made custom wood pegs to go with it. The hole in the cross brace is to hold a deck of cards.

Cribbage Board Bench